Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pak Kret

Kia has to babysit her school for the morning, so Cas and I decided to make an excursion out of it and joined her. It's miles away! Way out in the sticks, a bus ride, river crossing and songtau away. We've got to be there for 9am, which means leaving at about 7 or something ridiculous (I wouldn't know as I wasn't actually awake – I got up and dressed on autopilot). So we arrive at the school and find a lesson going on (on a Saturday morning!), and a bunch of other random kids playing in the grounds – who come and peer at Teacher Kia and her funny farang friends. They're great kids – and isn't it amazing (happens with mine too), how even though they refuse to speak English in class, get them outside and they suddenly start trying! So we have an entertaining morning climbing trees and racing the kids barefoot up and down the school playing area.

Look - I'm in a tree!


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