Monday, January 29, 2007


Casandra got out of school early on Friday, and she came over to mine so we could get a head start on the road to Ko Samet. I got her to help me out with the 3/8 class I was covering for Karina. One lesson with those guys had her thanking her lucky stars for her students! Well, I just had said 3/8 class again. It went pretty well - I just did a vocabulary review (easy stuff: fruit, transport, rooms, clothing, weather) with flashcards. It was supposed to be a game, but after I'd handed out the flashcards it predictably descended into anarchy, so I just had them write a sentence on the back of the card, then translate it into Thai (heck, if they're going to refuse to learn English, I might as well get something out of the class!) and come up and teach me. It went pretty well - they amused themselves with my feeble attempts at Thai pronunciation, and I learned that cherry and helicopter are the same word in Thai as in English. But then with over ten minutes to go before the end of the lesson, I looked up and the classroom's almost empty! Mai pen rai - I said cheerio to the seven or eight students still remaining (the four sweeties at the front who actually want to learn English, plus a few more who hadn't got around to leaving yet) and called the lesson finished.


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