Friday, February 02, 2007

Band Contest

The other part of the Academic Exhibition was the inter-school band contest – we had bands from several local schools come and compete. So, no classes for the afternoon – rock on!

This is our entry. I'm pretty sure the boy on guitar is my student. Either way, he is incredibly good – amazingly good. The singer has a fantastic voice, too. I think they might have won the contest, I'm not sure.

These guys are from Jess & PK's school, Sriboonyanon. Their singer's astonishingly pretty, which as you can see earned him quite a fan club amongst the girls of Rattanathibate! After they left the stage I saw one of my M6 girls having her photo taken with him and practically swooning.

No idea who this lot are, they look like university students (long trousers? Ties? Blazers?). The bassist from Rattanathibate's band – who was also compère to the event – told me the singer is her boyfriend. Well done her if he is!


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