Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My students do actually work on occasion. The trick, it seems, is to do what Cas does with her kindergarten classes, and have them draw pictures! (You'll notice that there are only four boys in the class. The M5 and M6 military boys are all off at army camp, so I guess the girls are using it as a reason to skive – out of 5/6 only 9 students came, and for my 5/7 class only two showed up! This is 5/1)

I realised last night that I had no plan for my M5 classes this week. Good thing I've been keeping this lesson plan in reserve for just such an occasion! So we did superpower vocabulary and I had the students make their own superhero. One of my favourites was the 5/6 boy with the dazzling smile (it's infectious – every time I look at him he flashes this wicked cheeky grin and I can't help but smile back, even when he's misbehaving), whose super power was “control girls (all girls)” (it was originally just “control girl” but I queried it so he clarified). But 5/1 did the absolute best work – how cool are these!


This is from one of my favourite girls – she looks like a little chubby pixie and she's also got that cheeky grin, and she always calls out “hallo Chalotte!” whenever she sees me. And she's decided that Ultraman is “in love with Chalotte”. This is what makes being here so worth it (and makes up for the uncontrollable little monsters).


“She can turn invisible, control the weather, shoot lasers and run very fast. She doesn't like thief, but she like to help some people”


He's just got it all – a “barria for protect body”, “breathe under water”, “eye very goods”, “rope for bind monster”, “spring for jump very high” and even a “basuga [bazooka] for fight”. Love it.


At 8:23 am, Blogger Mother said...

Your very own dedicated Super Hero, wow!! Lottie look like Lois Lane!!


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