Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Who says Thai teenagers don't believe in romance?

Some of 5/3's Valentine's poems:

Time can change everything
but time can't change our love...
- Supaleak

You have love
forever everytimes.
Love same oxygen
If I don't I will die

Candy are sweet
but sweet less than you
- Chanika

Bird love sky
Fish love river
Tiger love forest
I love you
- Supawat

The fire no smoke
The sun no shine
It's very very hard
But it's harder to stop love you
- Keerati

Love is blind
but I want to be blind
because of LOVE
- Worapong

Valentines is the day of love. Love is pink world and love is create fresh world. I wish your life to be rose in valentine day.
- Petladar

Rose are red
Violets are blue
We are meeting too
I love you everytimes.
- Nutt

I love winter
flower love cool
you love beautiful
but I love you.
- Nattaporn

The sun doesn't forget the day.
The moon doesn't forget the night.
The sea doesn't forget the wave.
I've never forgotten you.
- Arunroj

Rose is for Love
Chocolate plus sweet.
Love plus fresh.
And my life is for you.
- Kittipong

Love makes us happy and sad
Love is beautiful and bad
But I love your beauty and bad too.
- Panurat

Love will be beauty.
When you have mine.
You and I are fine.
When I and you have loved.
- Natthawut


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Ahhhh! Sweet.


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