Wednesday, January 31, 2007

boys who like...

So I get in from my 4/1 class, and Ajarn Sanchawee asks me “do you know a boy name Pun? Matayom 2”. Well I hardly know any of the kids' names (I teach 800 students - once I know the faces, then I'll start with the names), so I ask which class he's in (2/9). He want to see you about picture. You wait him, you wait him.” Picture? What picture? Well I did have them drawing in our class earlier, so maybe I didn't take his work in or something. Still trying to work out which student this is, I ask Sanchawee what he looks like. “Look like girl”. Ahhh yes, I know the one.

Anyway, I think no more about it, until twenty minutes later he comes rushing in, all out of breath. “Teacher, you have photo. Can I see?” Ah, these are the pictures he wanted to see me about – the photos of me with the band boys from the school play! Natsantasz gave me copies and I've had them on display on my desk. “Teacher, can I have? I want photo of you”. Well I can hardly say no, so I let him go ahead. He picks two out of the five photos. They just happen to be the two with Natsantasz in them. I think someone has a crush – and it ain't on his teacher!


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