Wednesday, February 21, 2007

4/1 is the best class EVER

So I asked my 4/1s to make suggestions for what I can do in the holidays. I'm nearly crying with delight here...


You should to go to Ayuthaya because in Ayuthaya has a lot of beautiful ancient temples. All the temples have an amazing story. You'll know about history of Thailand much more. I confirm, the wonderful things in Ayuthaya will make you impressive!! Try to go there!


I think... Umm. Ohh. Future is perhaps!! and unexpectedly. It's your life, you can use your life if you want it!!


[... various suggestions ...] There have a lot of place to travel in Thailand and each place is very interesting. Hope you enjoyed traveling and can get a speacial experience n Thailand. Don't forget to tell the speacial experience to me on May.


  • You should to go swimming with me in your freetime because I'm not friend. Ha ha...
  • You should search time for rest because I saw you have tired with work.
  • I hope you will very happy forever
    Nice to met you
    I don't forget you forever
    You stay in my heart.
    I love you

Bunyarit (spells his name differently every week - today he started with Boonrizz, then changed it to Boonrit)

You should go to Cheang Mai zoo to see panda tiger hippopotamust rhino monkey T-Rex lion snake and King Kong.


you should go to... see the water fall at khanjanaburi or nakronrayok in thailand or you can Go to Island at south of thailand because it so beautiful. And Doi Inthanonth.


You should go to the England. [Er, trying to get rid of me?!]


I thing you should to pattaya, puket, changmai all of travel province is a meny people and beautyful place.


  • Go to krabork Cave (I don't know where is it too...)
  • Enjoy in Songkran festival at Rewadee Rd. in Nonthaburi around 12-14 April.
  • Enjoy in kite festival at Royal Palace around April
  • Or, coming to my home!!!


  • I love you.
  • I like you.
  • I miss you.
  • I think you have to talk is ample.
  • You teach is appealing.

And the above was all crossed through, with a note, "I understand is wrong I'm sorry!"


At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Kia said...

Can we go and see T-Rex at Chaing Mai zoo?

At 11:40 am, Anonymous Dddy said...

Yes I think the future is perhaps too.

At 2:57 pm, Blogger Mother said...

I think little Pariwit's calendar is stuck on February 14th.


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