Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thai smiles

Thailand is reknowned for being the "land of smiles" - and it really is. I smile all the time - whether it's in encouragement, acknowledgement, apology, amusement or general delight, or if I'm just returning the cheeky grins I get from some of my boys, there's always a reason to smile. I don't even know exactly why this place makes me so ridiculously happy - I think the sunshine may have something to do with it. And the fact Joanna Boanna's coming to visit me! And, of course, my students - I've been smiling all afternoon from Molly the superhero sheep. And when a group of M5s gave as the tools an engineer would use: "piece of paper" and "hammer" (I don't know why but it just gave me an image in my head of someone pounding a sheet of paper with a hammer). And I just love it when I get a wai. And it's worth the battering I get from the M2s and 3s just to see my 5/7s look really happy when I said I'd see them next term. Mummy, you have to come over here - half a day with this lot would make anyone feel a million dollars.


At 12:14 pm, Anonymous Dddy said...

Delighted JoBo's coming to see you. Me too maybe.

At 2:51 pm, Blogger Mother said...

I think I've a way to go before I graduate from braving a 2 hour flight to Norway to half a day to Thailand. But, who knows?


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