Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Thai English dictionary

555 exclam. The new LOL (if you check back to my original Thai lesson, you'll see that 5 in Thai is hah).

Alai na? q. (Thai) Y'what?

Check hand v. To hold hands (with a Thai accent, check is a homophone of shake, and since it was in a Valentine's card, it was easy to see what he was actually going for!)

Countculator n. Electronic adding machine (One of my M5 students came up with this spelling, which I thought was brilliant and showed some great lateral thinking. I think the calculator should be renamed!)

Crezy adj. A little bit loopy.

Farang n. (Thai) Foreigner of western descent. Also guava.

Geng adj. adv. (Thai) Very good; very well. See also: Werry-goh.

Litten-litten adj. A small amount; nit-noy.

Look like v. To be similar to in any way, as in "look like Thai sound", "look like me but not in face".

Mai pen rai (Thai) Never mind, no worries, don't bother (as in "don't worry, I'll do it") - a very versatile phrase. It's like the Thai hakuna matata - it's our problem-free philosophy.

Mak-mak adv. (Thai) Very much.

My-fairn, my-fairn! n. Origin: "My friend". Can mean anything from friend to relation (e.g. cousin) to boy/girlfriend or husband/wife.

Maximize glass n. A round convex glass with a handle, used for looking at small objects.

Nathalieee n. Beautiful westerner. Origin: Nathalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005.

Sabbort n. Sport. Throws me every time I hear it.

Smart adj. Handsome (I don't know why, but for some reason this is the accepted definition of smart).

Werry-goh adj. adv. Very good; very well. Often redoubled. See also: Geng.

Wizardy staff n. Magic staff used by wizards and superheroes.


At 12:51 pm, Anonymous Kia said...

Wizardy staff still makes me laugh out loud. It just sounds so funny!

At 11:51 am, Anonymous Dddy said...

werry-werry-goh. I had to look up homophone

At 2:54 pm, Blogger Mother said...

I notice that you, Katz and Kia have embraced mai pen rai wholeheartedly. Good for you.


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