Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Accidentally encouraging cross-dressing young boys

I had this great lesson plan worked out - we were going to learn about different colour and pattern words (striped, floral, polka dot, etc.) for clothing, I was so well prepared I'd even brought in clothes from home that I was going to have the students pick out of a bag and describe (threw in a bikini and a bra for entertainment value). So I showed up to 2/9... the big bag immediately garnered a lot of interest. I started writing pattern words on the board and they're already in the bag. Within about 5 minutes Pun (remember him? Look like girl?) was dressed in a floral skirt, bra, cardigan and sun hat, another boy (the devil-child) was walking around with a bikini over his clothes, and one girl had stolen my polka dot shoes and refused to give them back until the end of the lesson. I spent the remaining 45 minutes of the lesson walking around the class, utterly helpless to get them to do anything - if they ever had any respect for me, they lost it long ago. Mai pen rai - chill - at least I have 4/1 next.


At 9:07 am, Blogger Mother said...

I've forgotten what 'mai pen rai' means. Couldn't find it in the earlier blogs.

At 11:43 am, Blogger Charlotte said...

it means never mind, or no worries. It's like the Thai Hakuna Matata. It's the appropriate Thai response whenever anything goes wrong. I "mai pen rai" a lot.


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