Monday, November 06, 2006

Made to measure

The first thing everyone said to me about Thailand (well actually the second thing, after "it's hot". No, the third thing, after "they're all really nice there") was that you can get super cheap tailor-made clothing. Well I hadn't seen any of that - no-one's tried to measure me up for a suit as long as I've been here! So when I got talking to Robbie last night and he said he and Colin were picking up their tailor-made suits tonight, I asked if I could tag along. Just to see, you know. So I end up blowing 7000baht on clothes! I ordered a silk dress (special price for you, special price, very nice dress) and five silk blouses (buy five, special price) in a variety of colours. I got a little carried away, I admit (five blouses?), but it was fun.


At 9:58 am, Blogger Mother said...

Can't wait to see photos of these creations modelled by Miss Universe!


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