Friday, November 03, 2006

Nice plan, wrong class

So today the three Filipino teachers have had to go to Chula to sort out their working visas (i-to-i sorts mine out for me – well they have to justify those huge admin charges somehow!). Now if I was smart I'd have told Wanna that I had to go to, and I could have had a day off in Bangkok. Instead of which I'm here, covering classes for the Filipinos. Wanna gave me a list of three classes that I was to teach: 3rd period: class 5/3, room 403. 5th period: class 3/8, room 510. 6th period: class 3/9, room 509. I've spent the morning putting together a (very) rough lesson plan – I figure I'll get them all to talk about Loy Kathong or something, we can sing the Loy Kathong song, it'll be fine. So at 10:05, I head off to room 403 for my first class. I get to the classroom. These students don't exactly look like 17-year-olds (they're all four feet tall). No matter – Wanna must have written it down wrong. My lesson plan still works. And I start unpacking my microphone, trying to look confident and professional. Until eventually one of the students comes up to me. “Teacher,” he says quietly, “Teacher, we are here Thai lesson”. Oh. So I pack up my microphone and try not to look too stupid.


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