Friday, November 03, 2006

Hey, this wasn't in the contract!

It's the Loy Kathong festival this weekend, so there's a special assembly to celebrate it. It starts off, some of the students are in national costume and they put on a play on stage. Very good. Then Wanna comes up to me and says she wants me to go and introduce myself on stage. Umm, okay (I make Michael agree to come up too).... So at the end of the play they finish by doing their traditional Thai dance around the stage, and we're on next. We're about halfway up the steps before we realise we're supposed to join in. Dancing?! Nobody said anything about dancing! And suddenly we're on the stage in front of 2,000 Thai students. Well what do you do? We danced. Sort of. I'm so glad I made Michael come up with me.


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