Saturday, November 18, 2006

On the other side of the river

This weekend it's Casandra's turn to 'host', so I have to find my way to her place! I get to Thanam Non (finally found out the name of the pier!). This is the first time I've got the cross-river ferry. They run every few minutes, and cost 2 baht. They don't have sides. I cling onto my bags, terrified of dropping something and watching it slide over the edge into the murky depths, to be eaten by a rhinoceros-sized fish. But I make it to the other side without incident and pay my 2 baht (3p!). Next step: find a taxi. Catz lives in a small, somewhat out-of-the-way village, so her directions basically consist of “here's John's number” (John's the manager of the apartment block). So I find a taxi, dial John, and hand the phone to the puzzled driver. So, John gives him the directions and, long story short, I get to Catz's.


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