Friday, November 10, 2006

i-to-i's covert paperwork mission

Okay, I owe that title to Cassie.

Masako had invited all the i-to-i teachers for a night out in Nonthaburi. So I need to get to the pier, where I'll meet Catz and we'll get a taxi to the restaurant. I'll get a sorngtao, right? So I go to the end of the road and wait. And the corner shop people see the crazy farang waiting for non-existant buses again, and decide to help out. I manage to explain I want to go to the ferry (reu-a kahm fahk - I really must learn the name of the pier) so the girl gets one of her mates to drive me on his scooter to the pier, for 20 baht. I love these people.

So I meet up with Catz and we get to the restaurant (by tuk-tuk), and discover it's all just a covert mission to get us to do more paperwork, make sure we've signed every single piece of paper in our file (or the entire group's work permit applications can't be processed), tell us we all need to get a medical certificate (or the entire group's work permit applications can't be processed) and those of us who haven't got a degree transcript need to get hold of them (or the entire group's work permit applications can't be processed). So basically, since it's essentially impossible to ensure that 35 people have each provided and signed three copies of all five of the necessary documents, we're never going to get work permits.


At 10:58 am, Blogger Mother said...

That's no excuse for coming back early!


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