Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No teaching experience

I think Wanna has finally clicked what I mean when I say I have no teaching experience. For some reason she seemed to actually think I would just magically know what to do. And I just had a class with her supervising for the first time, so she was able to see first hand how much I suck at teaching. Well it would have helped if someone had given me the tiniest idea of WHAT I WAS MEANT TO TEACH THEM. Honestly, the teachers are as bad as the students at giving me blank looks whenever I ask a question.


At 11:10 am, Blogger Queen of Sheeba said...

I have the oposite problem. My supervisor didn't tell me anything. So I taught last week and yesterday and I have a system that is working. Now it comes to her class and she all of a sudden is telling me what to do AND IT IS NOT WORKING. Plus what she wants me to teach them is wrong. You don't say sechool you say school. So for the second class I told her what I wanted to do and low and behold the class actually learn something. Then she has the audacity to tell me the students are stupid and nto good in English. I thouht they were very good. hint hint


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