Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My first lesson is a disaster

Well that was the hardest thing ever. I turn up for my lesson. Where's the teacher that's supposed to be helping me? Ah it's okay, she's in the class. And then she starts to leave! Noooo, you can't go! I don't know what to do! So she stays. Anyway, it's a total nightmare. She asks if I've prepared a game or something. No – I was told I would only start teaching on Monday so I haven't prepared a thing! They can't hear a word I'm saying, they won't talk to me, and I have no idea what to say. Okay, introduce myself. My name is Charlotte, I come from Bath. I went to the University of Kent and studied Computing and French. And I'm all out. What do I do in my free time? Er, nothing? I take photographs, I meet with my friend. She lives across the river. Yes, I have one brother and one sister. I am in the middle. Yes, he is very handsome. Yes, I like Thai food. A-roy mahk (they like it when I speak Thai. I think I'm just going to learn Thai and chat to them in Thai for an hour every week). Please let this be over soon. It's only halfway through. They hate me. This is going to be a complete disaster. Keep smiling. But smiling will only distract them for so long. In fact I think it's already lost its power. Please let this be over soon. Finally the teacher sees that I'm a complete waste of space and tells me I can go and 'rest' before my next period. I have to do this three more times today. Oh no!


At 9:37 am, Blogger Mother said...

Can you edit this please for language remember great Aunts are reading it and they have delicate sensibilities!!


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