Tuesday, February 26, 2008

India first impressions

Finally found a room after taxi driving around for about an hour asking every passer-by where Hotel Lawrence is (because he didn't trust my map-reading skills and completely ignored me when I tried to direct him), only to find it full. So I ended up getting overcharged on a 4-minute taxi ride to another hotel, which was also full. But another in the same building had a room - 900 rupees!! (about 11 pounds). Figured I'd only be staying a day or two, so could afford it.

Slept for the rest of the day. Not helping the jet lag, of course, but to be honest Mumbai terrified me! Silly I know, since I coped just fine with SE Asia, but I was scared to go out - not scared that anything would happen to me, really, just unwilling to face the inevitable onslaught of touts, freelance 'guides', hawkers, and the knowledge that I'm going to be overcharged on everything (which I duly was, on my first purchase, some wood block stamps - yes, I know, putlum). Finally mustered the energy to face the hordes and went out for a wander in the late afternoon. Bought some curried cornflakes.


At 11:01 pm, Blogger Flo said...


you're back :)

where've you been? what are you doing in India?

have missed your blog, always a great read


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