Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comedy Quotes from 5/1

I gave them two questions ("what do you like about learning English?" and "What do you find difficult about learning English?") and a finish-the-sentences exercise (knew MySpace would come in handy for something!)...

I wish... someone make the love with me everyday.
- Ukrit

Tonight I will... brush my teeth before sleep.
I like... to brush my teeth.
I'm happy when... I brush my teeth.
I think I should... brush my teeth now!
I really want... to save the world.
I wish... I can fly in the sky.
- Boonyarit

I think it had been very useful to talk with foreigns, but I don't like it much.
When I woke up this morning... I want to smoke an opium.
I like... number 3 and most of odd numbers.
I don't like... number 4.
My best friend... is me.
I don't understand... the women's mind.
I will always... breath in and breath out.
I think I should... went to the Everest with myself.
I wish... I will be Santa Claus... Ho ho ho ho.
- Pawarit

(What to do you like about learning English?) Teacher is lovely and kind.
Today I feel... fresh.
- Wallapaporn

I don't understand... why human can't laugh and cry in the same time.
- Thanwarath

When I woke up this morning... then I brush my teeth next I take a bath, have breakfast, wear dresses and go to school. [this is a boy - I have a feeling he meant 'get dressed']
I'm happy when... thinking about math. [geek]
- Danai

I don't understand... why you don't love me.
- Tanabut

When I woke up this morning I found I was slept on the floor.
- Wut

I like... teacher Charrot.
I don't like teacher [name] (Please keep this secret)
- Nawakit

I wish... I have many money, so I'm rish.
- Pariwit

When I woke up this morning... I brushed the tooth.
- Siripa

I don't understand... why you are so beautiful ^ ^ (I'm serious)
I really want... to be a good student. especially for you.
Kantita [I love her]


At 7:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dental hygene obviously figures high in the psyche!
M x


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