Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So I turn up at school, all excited about seeing my favourite class again... only to be told I'm covering someone else's lessons again! I've got all M2s - again. I can't make them understand me, and I can't keep their attention, so why I keep getting given lower school classes is entirely beyond me. When I asked what I ought to do with the little blighters I was told helpfully "play a game". Now tell me, what game can I make last an hour, has instructions simple enough that I can mime them, and doesn't involve anything too complicated for second-year language students to handle? I ask you! I just about made it through the first class, but the next class, 2/10, I had for two periods in a row! How was I meant to stretch out my material to that at zero notice? I'm just not equipped to teach lower school! Unsurprisingly, I lost them. Well sod it, they're not even my students.

Anyway, I was so cross with the school that I went to Chula for a meeting with one of the project co-ordinators, who immediately offered to change me to a different school. I told her I didn't want to change school, just my timetable, but she spoke to Wanna and it seems nothing can be done. So I insisted on being given more support and advice, if I'm stuck with teaching lower school (I could cope when it was only a quarter of my timetable; it's now three-quarters!). She seems very worried about losing yet another teacher from the project (there was a mass exodus after the holidays), so she seems to actually be trying to help, which is a start. Although she did say that someone had told her I was planning to leave the project at the end of the month. I assured her that it wasn't the case (although maybe I should have played it up a little more and she might have made more effort with the timetable).

In other news, fave student is taking part in some sort of English competition next month, so I'm going to help him with conversation and grammar.


At 8:04 am, Blogger mother said...

Darling Lottie. So happy to hear you fighting with Chula again. That's my girl. They need you more than you need them.


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