Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Easy Tiger!

I have a student called Tiger. He's a bit of a character - I had to confiscate a book from him last week, right after going through "The Rules" (No mobile phones; No mp3 players; No books; No homework), which I now do at the beginning of every single lesson - but he's funny with it so it's not too bad. But I just love being able to say "Tiger, no!" or "stop that, Tiger!" when he's talking in class.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Comedy Quotes from 5/1

I gave them two questions ("what do you like about learning English?" and "What do you find difficult about learning English?") and a finish-the-sentences exercise (knew MySpace would come in handy for something!)...

I wish... someone make the love with me everyday.
- Ukrit

Tonight I will... brush my teeth before sleep.
I like... to brush my teeth.
I'm happy when... I brush my teeth.
I think I should... brush my teeth now!
I really want... to save the world.
I wish... I can fly in the sky.
- Boonyarit

I think it had been very useful to talk with foreigns, but I don't like it much.
When I woke up this morning... I want to smoke an opium.
I like... number 3 and most of odd numbers.
I don't like... number 4.
My best friend... is me.
I don't understand... the women's mind.
I will always... breath in and breath out.
I think I should... went to the Everest with myself.
I wish... I will be Santa Claus... Ho ho ho ho.
- Pawarit

(What to do you like about learning English?) Teacher is lovely and kind.
Today I feel... fresh.
- Wallapaporn

I don't understand... why human can't laugh and cry in the same time.
- Thanwarath

When I woke up this morning... then I brush my teeth next I take a bath, have breakfast, wear dresses and go to school. [this is a boy - I have a feeling he meant 'get dressed']
I'm happy when... thinking about math. [geek]
- Danai

I don't understand... why you don't love me.
- Tanabut

When I woke up this morning I found I was slept on the floor.
- Wut

I like... teacher Charrot.
I don't like teacher [name] (Please keep this secret)
- Nawakit

I wish... I have many money, so I'm rish.
- Pariwit

When I woke up this morning... I brushed the tooth.
- Siripa

I don't understand... why you are so beautiful ^ ^ (I'm serious)
I really want... to be a good student. especially for you.
Kantita [I love her]

Friday, June 08, 2007

New entries

Have added lots of new entries from over the holidays. More to come...

The Thai English dictionary - Additional

Ba imp. (Thai) Come on; Let's go.

Butterfly n. One who has many lovers (as in, flitting from one to the next).

Dead rock n. A hairstyle favoured by Rastafarians (think about it).

Drunk boat adj. Seasick.

Farang with big bag n. Backpacker.

Have eyes like a pineapple v. Be all-seeing.

Mai sabai adj. (Thai) Not well.

Sewwern Elewwen n. The 7-Eleven: The place to be.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nine hundred and fifty-four

That's how many students I teach - I just counted them up from the registers. And this term I'm trying to actually learn their names. How in the world am I going to learn nearly a thousand faces and names?!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

All 4s - I'm officially a good teacher

All 4s - get in!! A selection of the glowing praise on my evaluation form:

  • "The teacher was able to encourage students to pronounce the words correctly. She also motivated students to interact with the lesson very well."
  • "The teacher was able to assess students' performance appropriately."
  • "She was able to manage the class very well."

Of course, the assessor may have just been feeling sorry for me since I told her I was off school with depression, but I choose to believe that I actually can do this thing. Well, I know I'm not a bad teacher, and I know the students like me, but I'm also aware I'm not entirely effective at times (like today: four classes, all lower school. I try, but I'm just not that good with them - and then I feel guilty for abandoning the good kids to admonish the naughty ones. But hey, the students are happy, so what the heck!).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Good news bad news good news

The day started on a brilliant note this morning when I got to watch the entire lower school doing aerobics to one of my favourite songs, which goes "boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room, we'll spend the night together, from now until forever; boom boom boom boom, I wanna go boom-boom, we'll spend the night together, together in my room". It was hilarious.

Then I was annoyed because I got given Josh's classes to cover again (he'd better not be ill tomorrow - if I have to miss another class with my 5/1s there are going to be words!)

But then at lunch one of my students requested extra - paid! - private conversation lessons. Rock on!