Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You know you live in Thailand when...

  • Splashing out £3 for a meal is extravagant.
  • A weekend on a tropical island is only a few hours away.
  • £4.50 per night is a reasonable price for a double room with en-suite bathroom (basic as it may be).
  • Everyone you know owns at least one yellow shirt.
  • In the morning, you don't need to stick your head outside to decide what to wear. You don't even need look out the window to decide what to wear. In fact, you don't need to wake up to decide what to wear.
  • You're beginning to understand the notion of “Thai time”, meaning don't expect anything to be done by the time you expect it.
  • You had fried rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there's nothing odd about that.
  • You debate whether £8 is too much to pay for a pair of shoes.
  • Playing “spot the ladyboy” is a fun way to pass time.
  • When you see other farangs in your neighbourhood you assume they're either teachers or lost (applies particularly when your neighbourhood is Nonthaburi).
  • You feel superior to backpackers.
  • You catch yourself saying "My birthday five December, same-same like King". And in fact generally speaking in a Thai accent.
  • Seeing a family of four and their dog on a motorbike doesn't surprise you.
  • You do your shopping in the market, not Marks & Spencer.


At 8:50 pm, Blogger Mother said...

Ah, so! This how you know. Travelling teaches much.


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