Sunday, December 03, 2006

And some more

Get up... Breakfast... Swim... Sunbathe... Swim... Lunch... Sunbathe... Swim... And so it goes on.

Byoodifoool! (I swear, when I come back from Thailand I'm going to be speaking with a Thai English accent. Either that or a Canadian accent from hanging out with Catz)

Pizza for dinner (pizza! With actual cheese!) at Jep's, with pina coladas, chat to the crazy Thai waiter who introduces himself as Peter Pan and claims to be from Canada ("I too fro' Canada! I fro' Winnipeg"), which amuses me. And then free gin & tonic at Naga.


At 10:57 am, Blogger Mother said...

God, it sounds boring. Poor you. Ha! Ha! Ha!


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