Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Song Phra Charoen

It being the King's birthday too, we all head out to the city hall to honour him. We light candles and sing songs (well, they do – I don't know the words), and have fireworks (they're not big on health-and-safety in this country – the fireworks are being lit right next to the crowd). This is possibly the biggest fireworks display I've ever seen – they set off several huge rockets at a time (the bangs were so loud that the vibrations were setting off people's car alarms in the adjacent carpark).

So, long live the King – Song Phra Charoen!


At 12:07 am, Anonymous penny said...

Hi Charlotte, Great stuff and wonderful to read that you are having such a fun and interesting time! Mum just gave me the address tonight so this is a test since I've never been on a blog before let alone put a comment on one. Would like to leave my e-mail address but not sure this place to do it. Arturo & I send our love. Penny xxooxx

At 10:54 am, Blogger Mother said...

And long live Charlotte!


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