Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Christmas Alphabet

They want me to do Christmas activities with the kids through December. They actually asked me to do Christmas cards, but I have no materials, so instead I thought we could do the "Christmas Alphabet" (you know, C is for the Candy trimmed around the Christmas tree, H is for the Happiness with all the family etc.). M6 weren't all that impressed and I ended up finishing five minutes early. M5 got a little more into it. M4 had fun. M2... As usual, M2 descended into anarchy within... actually from the moment class started - I never got it under control. I even tried bribery, but either they just weren't having any of it or their English isn't even good enough for "work hard, get present". I don't think I'll bother turning up any more - I don't think they'd even notice if I weren't there.

Oh, and then I've been sitting in the office half an hour, Ajarn Suwimon tells me that the 4/1 class I normally have on Tuesday last period has been switched to today, 7th period. That's the one that started half an hour ago. Great. So I rush off to the room, arrive all a-fluster (amazingly they're all sitting patiently in their seats), try to explain that no-one told me the class was today, and set them the Christmas Alphabet task. This time I didn't bother with groups, I just gave everyone a letter and told them to draw. It works better like this. Helps that I also took examples from the previous classes of what I wanted them to do. Note to self.


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