Wednesday, December 13, 2006

R is for Rainbows, my life is more color

Sorry, but these Christmas Alphabet poems make me so happy. I just have to share some more:


N is for nice that everyone give together.
A is for the angels that bring the happiness on Christmas Day.
W is for wish that I have when Christmas Day.
A is for all the people who waiting for Christmas Day.
K is for karaoke that I have in the Christmas Day.
I is for ice that get a cool feeling when I touch.
T is for the trouble that everyone throw away.


K is for the kingdom I control the land.
U is for under your cloth make my heart beating.
N is for novel when I lonely, I need somebody.
A is for all the people have some happiness around the world.
K is for kissing under the mistletoe make romance novel
O is for oat when you hungry you want me.
R is for the rain make a cold-cool world.
N is for now I have happiness.


P is for Poinsettia, a pretty. [I didn't even give them the word Poinsettia!]
A is for All the people love me!
R is for Rainbows, my life is more color.
I is for Ice cream, it's very sweet.
W is for Windows heart.
I is for Important for me!
T is for The native, I love natural.


B is for the Brain the I have.
U is for The Unknown that I Unknown.
N is for the Need for Speed Underground that I played [I believe this is a computer game]
Y is for the Young that I am.
A is for my Ass that I have.
R is for Rate-R movie that I like.
I is for the Impossible
T is for my Teacher that I love.

Okay that's probably enough. But they're just so great!


At 8:59 pm, Blogger Mother said...

You just wanted to publish the "I love teacher" bit, didn't you?


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