Saturday, December 16, 2006

How many people can you fit in a tuk-tuk?

So I figured on a quiet night down the pier with Alicia and Kerry. But then Alicia got a call from Mike saying a bunch of the others were on Khao San, and then she wanted to go party with them. And next thing I knew she and I were in a taxi on the way to Bangkok.

We met up with the others in Sunset, and then moved to Gulliver's. But Gulliver's shuts at 1am and we weren't done partying, so when we got a call from Murph – he's on Sukhumvit with Robbie and they're going to a club - we agree to go join them. Sukhumvit is quite a long way away. So obviously Steve decides to take one of the tuk-tuks that crowd the end of Khao San at 1am. So Alicia, Cynthia, me, Helen, Mike and Steve all pile in. Then we look round and there's Adam clinging onto the back of the tuk-tuk, so we manage to squeeze him in too. Seven full-sized people in a tuk-tuk is no mean feat, believe me. But getting in wasn't the hard part – it was staying in! Sukhumvit from Khao San is about 15 minutes (felt like half an hour; could have been five minutes) of insanity. Tuk-tuk drivers are of course notoriously insane, and this one's certainly no exception as we scoot through the night at about 90, barrelling around corners and weaving through traffic, hanging desperately on to the vehicle and each other. Arrived in one piece though, and tracked Murph down. But we never did find that club.

PS: you'll be pleased to know that Murph's managed to get rid of his 'roommate'. Although he now has to avoid Nana Plaza (where he met her) for fear of being beaten up. But the mafia are offering their protection while he's home.


At 8:45 pm, Anonymous Dddy said...

You're good on apostrophes as in "taxi drivers' mistakes" but I'd have thought "the mafia is..." I don't much like the sound of a tuk-tuk rushing round corners at ninety anythings. Dddy


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