Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lesson Observation

Yesterday another of the i-to-i teachers, Paul, emailed out to everyone asking if anyone would mind having him come and observe a lesson (his school hasn't opened yet so he wanted to get an idea of what to expect). So I said he was very welcome to come to some of my classes. I had to clear it with the school first though, of course, but Weng said she'd asked about having her sister (who happens to teach at the same school as Paul) come and observe, and Wanna had told her she'd need written authorisation from Chula and the school's co-ordinator. Wanna wasn't around, so I started trying to explain to Uthai that another of the teachers from my agency wanted to come and observe a lesson, and did he think that would be okay. But he misunderstood (his English isn't that great) and thought it was actually a representative from the agency itself. I started to correct him, but then it occured to me, hey, this might be a good idea! So that's how I put it to Wanna, "someone from my agency would like to come and observe my lessons." It worked, she said it was okay (as long as they had something official in writing). So I phone Paul back: it's fine, but... try and look official!

So he turns up today (looking official in a shirt and tie), and so all the teachers think he's from the agency and checking on my progress or what support I'm getting or something.


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