Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Be careful of yourself

Thanks to the influence of “Yes Man” (Joanna, I blame you), I've been out every night since Saturday. So now the family thinks I'm some sort of party animal or something, which I'm completely not, as you know. Anyway, I got home tonight and Pee Dar was waiting to give me a talk about personal safety. She warned me that it was dangerous to travel alone at night, 'cause I'm so sooay and all, that some taxi driver are bad man, and it's not a good idea to come home late at night. I thanked her for her concern and assured her I share taxi. I even got a text message later from Smile, asking me to “be careful of yourself”. It's sweet, really, but I don't want them worrying about me. I have enough family at home to do that! This is why I need to get an apartment (and if I get one in the block with the others, across the river, I won't even have to travel alone!).

Then I went upstairs and they've wallpapered the room for me. I told Mum it was very sooay, and she said that she'd chosen the design especially for me! She was so excited. How am I going to break it to them that I want to move out?


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