Sunday, January 14, 2007

Remember the geeky policeman?

So I went for my appointment at Khao San police station. First of all the guy on the entrance wouldn't let me in. I explained that I had an appointment and that a policeman had told me to come, Sunday 12 o'clock. He looked dubious, so I got out my phone and showed him the number of the last received call. "Is this here?" He dialled the number, waited, then handed the phone back to me, saying it wasn't working. I put it to my ear just in time for someone to answer it, said "Er," and handed the phone back to him. He yabbered in Thai "blah blah farang blah blah farang blah" then turned to me, "what is your name?" I told him, he spoke to the phone again, then ushered me inside. "Room 6". I know.

The same Geek Cop and Grouchy Cop were sitting behind the desk, this time with a lady who turned out to be a translator for the guy reporting having been mugged; a different young cop was using a computer at another desk.

Geek Cop invites me to sit down, and asks if I have the report. Oh, I put it in a safe place and forgot to bring it. Unworried, he starts to look in various report books to try and find it. Then – lightbulb moment – I remember the amusement my report number gave us the other night: “007! James Bond!” And he finds the report. He fills out the new report unhurriedly, asking me the odd question, muttering to himself, and chatting with the translator lady (“nalak mai?” he says to her – he knows I know the word sooay, but obviously he doesn't expect me to know more than one Thai word for beautiful). Eventually the report is finished. Translator lady turns to me and asks “My correak want me to ask you,” (Correak... Correak... Ah, colleague!), “if my correak ask you to go to dinner one time, what you say?” So I say okay, as long as I could have another photo taken with the hat. I'm promptly handed the hat.

He says he'll call me (he still has the paper with all the contact details I wrote down for the report), and asks me to let him know if I go to Khao San road again (afterwards I realise I have no idea even what his name is, so I have visions of phoning the police station, “may I speak to Geek Cop please?”).


At 11:52 am, Blogger Queen of Sheeba said...

That is one tall hat.

At 9:00 am, Blogger Mother said...

All in all, I think I prefer you in a beret, or a baseball cap, or a sun hat or any hat but that hat.


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