Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Beaurocracy, Thai-style

There's supposed to be some sort of meeting on Saturday, but everyone's been told different things about it, and some of us (including me) have heard nothing official about it at all! With all the conflicting information everyone's had, I had to laugh out loud when Darren sent this email out:

Hello All,

Just wondered if anybody would like to get smashed at the weekend with me. I'll be in a bar somewhere - could be anywhere- meet me there. Just remember to bring with you some money for the beer, your teaching credentials, your visa, your passport and your ORIGINAL DNA sequence and blood sample. Copies will not be accepted.

Also there will be some friends getting hammered with me and they may want to see your entire life history document, your entire medical history papers and may request you sign each document 6 times.

Please make 36 copies of every piece of paper you touch this week and sign each one also - in blood. Type O blood will not be accepted.

Once we have the papers, the 36 copies, your life history and family bank accounts - we will require 500 Baht per person for ..... err.... for ..... we just need it, ok.

Thankyou - please await a further email in which I will confirm this information and simultaneously contradict everything you thought previously to be true.

REMEMBER -- Do not bring your passport. BUt you must bring your passport instead. All clear..... GOOD.

See you at the bar......

Darren :-)


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