Saturday, October 28, 2006

There's a three-foot crocodile in my bed

Why wouldn't I expect to find a crocodile in my bed? I'm in a foreign place, after all. No of course it's not a real one, don't be silly.

So, finally I can relax. Thunk. Ouch. What is it with beds in this country – are they all designed for monks?

Oh yeah, incidentally, I'm staying in someone's house. I was meant to have an apartment sorted. Masako told us we would all have apartments sorted. But apparently that message didn't reach Wanna, my school co-ordinator. So when we met she asked me "so where are you staying, Shallot?" Panic. You mean you don't know? So, long story short, she's fixed me up to stay here for a bit, until I can find an apartment. I actually quite like it, even if the only English speaker is the 17-year-old son, Smile. It's a nice house – very big, and brand new. In fact not actually finished. No, it's okay, it's mostly finished, just the upstairs bathroom is a building site and there's no air con yet. But they've set up a bed (if you can call it that – possibly they've just laid some planks on a frame, I haven't checked under the sheet), and I have a fan, which is keeping me cool.


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