Friday, October 27, 2006

Day 2

Day two of lectures. We sat in the back row and all ended up crying with laughter (as quietly and discreetly as possible – there was a lecture going on, after all. It wasn't even a bad lecture, what bits of it I caught. We just bore quickly. But I digress...) over a chapter in my new book about ladders. I mean the chapter is about ladders, not the whole book. That would be a really lame book. And this is a funny book. Especially the bit about ladders.

Spent the rest of the day's lectures daydreaming about the hot guy three rows in front of us.

Lectures over, we moved onto the administration-type stuff. Ever been handed an form written in heiroglyphics and asked to please sign here? Plah gave us her assurances that it's not going to result in our bank accounts being emptied, and that “we promise not to copy your signature for doing bad thing”. Oh, well that's alright then – hand me a pen.

Then we queued for about a day to find out more information about our schools. I'm teaching teenagers. Casandra's been moved schools (the school she was originally assigned to wanted a guy. I call that discrimination) and will be teaching small children. I don't know which is better. Um, I just remembered how much I hate giving presentations, even in front of 10 of my peers. In what world did I think it would be a good idea to try and teach a class of 40 Thai students? Getting slightly apprehensive now.


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