Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I officially now live in Thailand

So here I am! I have no interesting news yet. Except that we've FINALLY been given some information about things. Although still nothing specific on the accommodation front, so I'll have to look further into that. Masako assures us that they've arranged studio apartments for us all, but in the information pack under accommodation it talks about being considerate to our host and not being allowed to invite people to stay, so here's hoping that's all just standard blurb. But on the plus side it turns out the whole 'project' is just that the Nonthaburi provincial government has decided to instigate this program to get native English speakers into all their schools, so at least I won't be building any villages.

Turns out the two who had their tickets changed and got off at Bahrain got the best deal after all - they got here ages before us after we were delayed in Oman for four hours. That was annoying. And then the plane was freezing (of course), but at least I had my sleeping bag. And then my bag was the actual last one on the carousel (after I'd dragged about seven others off to inspect them, having completely forgotten what either of mine looked like and that I wasn't looking for a black Samsonite wheelie suitcase. I miss my wheelie suitcase). And then because our plane was so late the bus had gone without us and we had to wait an hour for the next planeload arrived and go with them. But other than that it's all gone very smoothly.

So tune in for the next exciting and thrilling instalment of Charlotte's Adventures in Thailand. Maybe I'll have an adventure before I write next.


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