Sunday, October 22, 2006

So here I go...

I'm almost packed. Well, I say almost; mostly I've just taken out the clothes that I want to take. But having spoken to several people who've already been, I've got a fairly comprehensive list of essential items:

According to Joss:

  • Mosquito net
  • Super strength insect repellent
  • Insect bite cream
  • Special lightweight walking socks
  • Mini maglite

According to Jo:

  • Summer clothes
  • Light cardigan (for air-conditioned restaurants and shopping malls)

According to Justin:

  • Iodine (for sterilising cuts)
  • Citronella (to deter the bugs)
  • Ball of string (always handy)
  • Lonely Planet guide

According to Tash:

  • Lip gloss

So, I've got my maglite, I've got my mosquito net, I've got my lipgloss. I'm all set.


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