Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ganga Lodge

That's as in the river Ganges, not as in the weed, before you say anything, Mr. Chapatti!

It's about all you could hope for 200 rupees a night - the room's spacious, the sheets almost clean, and there's a small balcony over the street. The bathroom is coated with several mm of limescale, but the water is sun-warmed.

There's a pleasant aroma in the afternoons of biscuits baking in the nearby British Bakery. I've seen Italian Bakeries, French Bakeries, and several German Bakeries in India - they pretty much all have the same selection of Asian versions of European breads and pastries, plus melt-in-the-mouth fluffy biscuits and sliced tray cakes (unlike Thai cakes with their unbearably-sickly frosting these are surprisingly nice, as I discovered when I decided, in culinary-adventurer mode, to test one).


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