Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chennai autos are expensive

Chennai auto drivers won't get out of bed for less than 50 rupees, it seems. They won't use meters and they're prepared to negotiate only minimally. I've spent more on autos today than it cost for a sleeper train ticket to Kanyakumari, a 13-hour journey.


At 8:13 am, Anonymous S.Rajagopalan said...

Most of the Chennai Auto drivers are blood suckers, incorrigible and cannot be controlled by any government.Even if the government raises the fare to Rs 12 per kilometer the drivers will not use the fare meter and will demand skyhigh rates. When autos in Kerala and Karnataka are run by good disciplined persons and always operate the meters, the autos in Chennai are a curse on the Chennaites and also for visitors.Any visitor who visits chennai will not forget his bad experience with autos. No police will take action against autodrivers for fear of reprisal from their seniors. All the auto drivers nurture a relationship with the ruling party or the main opposition party or politically powerful person belonging to any party and hence no government is able to control the over demanding, unruly, threatening autodrivers. The government and the police whoever they are must be ashamed for allowing the gangster drivers and safeguard the poor innocent weak public.


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