Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can you say "stalker"?

I've handed out my phone number all over Asia when random people who I've taken photos of asked for it. I don't expect anyone to actually use it (so I was very surprised when one of the little boys from my road-trek near Ooty called me at 8:30 the next morning, when I was in bed). So yesterday when I took some pics of a schoolgirl drawing a kollam outside her home, I cheerfully accepted a glass of unidentified fruit juice from her mother, and gave her brother my number. And he hasn't stopped calling since. Often I don't hear my phone ringing, so he switched to texting.

  • 13:18 When you come back Tirunelveli
  • 13:38 Now this week when you will come tirunelveli madurai citizen is how you go to madurai meenakshi temple this very famous temple in tamilnadu
  • 15:19 Have u see the temple did you finished the lunch when you go the england give me your number reply message.
  • 15:48 Why did not send reply message a friend is someone who come to the end of the life.
  • (me: I'm busy sightseeing!)
  • 15:58 Sorry I will sent message after if you finished give me message. Sorry. I am very sorry.
  • - 4 missed calls -
  • 17:59 Hi how are you why u not attend my phone Hereafter we both talk by message. Now where are you? How you feel about our area? Today night c cricket and msg me continuously Reply me
  • 18:50 I will call at 9 o'clock did you drink coffee good evening
  • He called at 8. Then again at 9:30. So I politely told him I was asleep.
  • 21:39 If i disturb your sleep means sorry very sorry sweet dream good night

He seems to have eased off today, luckily - he's only texted five times and tried to call four times (he stopped after I sent him a message telling him I was busy).


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