Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And today we went to Chula

We went to Chula to hand in our documents (time-sheets etc.) and learned that they're really insistent on the two-month holiday rule. Chula has changed the rules on this so many times - originally they insisted that we take the same holidays as the university, i.e. 1st March - 1st May, regardless of school term dates. However they obviously eventually realised the absurdity of this plan, given that virtually all schools in Nonthaburi break up around the middle of March and restart around the middle of May, so a couple of weeks ago they released a bulletin: we were to take our two months based on when the schools had their holidays. Great, we thought - some schools (including mine) break up on the 2nd and don't return til the 16th, giving me two and a half months off. But Chula had other ideas, of course. They insist we take no more than two months, telling me that if school finishes on the 8th (Wanna's asked me to come in on the 7th and 8th to help with something - no idea what, but it'll probably be something mind-numbing like marking or collating exam scores or something), I have to return on the 8th of May, to "make lesson plen, preepare material" and so on. But no-one will be there - the office will be locked! In that case we have to go into Chula every day and work there. No chance! But there's no way Wanna will allow me to lie on a timesheet, so... I'm going to go and work at Kia's school with her for a week after I finish here!


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