Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm a minority

This morning a little girl, I guess two or three years old, and her mother got on the sorngtao. The little girl caught her breath in surprise at seeing me, called to her mother and pointed a chubby finger at me, gabbling something in Thai. They had a short conversation, in which all I caught were those magic words, “sooay, mai?” (surprisingly, I didn't hear “farang”, which I was listening out for... but then they were speaking quite quietly), and she spent the rest of the journey gazing at me in rapt fascination.

(Note to self: I feel the above passage would make a great introductory paragraph, if only I had an article to go with it.)


At 12:05 pm, Blogger Mother said...

Write it!!

At 1:01 pm, Anonymous Andy said...

Hey Charlotte, sorry i havnt emailed you. Just been busy back home, as you have by the sounds of things. My brother is travelling to Thailand for 3 weeks next weekend; maybe i should tell him where you live (only joking, you wouldn't want to meet him). Janets moving to another store (Frome), still working for the company. Anyway, only leaving a short comment, take care, Andy.


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