Thursday, January 04, 2007

More reasons to love Thailand

Okay, sometimes I get a little wound up or annoyed, but actually most of the time here I'm walking around with a dazed smile on my face, just because I'm so ridiculously happy with life in general. Even when I have a bad class or a run-in with Wanna or am feeling left out; even when I've had to deal with Chula or suffered Thai air conditioning: it all pales into insignificance when I walk around the school and am greeted everywhere with cheerful faces and excited cries of “Shallot!”, “tea-cher!”, “gooz mor-ning”, “good affta-noon” and “ha-loh!”. How can I not be happy when everyone's always pleased to see me? (not that everyone's not always pleased to see me wherever I go, but it's always nice). And okay, as pompous as it sounds, I actually really do love the thought that, even just a little bit, I'm teaching these kids English.

I also love that even though I was lost in thought composing this entry on the ride home and forgot to press the buzzer, the driver still stopped for me at the end of my road. I think everyone knows where the farang lives.


At 12:07 pm, Blogger Mother said...

Perhaps you should change your name to Smile as well, sounds more appealing than a small onion.

At 2:47 pm, Anonymous Dddy said...

It's your lovely sunny nature that is coming out. That's why all these people are so pleased to see you. Lovely entry in yr blog.


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