Sunday, December 31, 2006

Becareful the bombs

So we're just kicking back in the reception / lounge area, reading in the half-light, where we've been for the last half hour while we wait for our dinner to arrive (there's only one cook and she can only prepare one dish at a time – even if there are several orders for pad thai), and a text beep-beeps in my bag. It's from Smile: “Please becareful the bombs 10 bombs by the terrorists this situation is very dangerous, now 100 people die. We don't know where're the bombs”. Um, bombs? I assume it's in the border provinces again. How close are we to the border? I message him back asking for more information on what's going on. “The bombs by the terrorists, now 100 people die. 30 bombs you”. Y'what? We figure we'd better find out a little more about these bombs, and Cassie wants to get in touch with her Mom in case she catches the news on American TV, which will probably present the whole of Thailand in flames or something.

So we pootle up the road to the internet café, Catz reassures her family and we read on google news that several small bombs (there were about ten. Bearing in mind that it's new year's eve, the other suspected explosions probably turned out to be fireworks) have exploded in Bangkok, leaving quite a few injured and a couple confirmed dead. Well we're alright, we're on an island.

Post Script: The following morning I got another text from Smile: “Now the situation of the bomb is clear – we can capture 1 terrorist who try to escape out of the bombs's areas.”


At 12:36 pm, Anonymous Dddy said...

Yes they made the international news right enough although your text was the first we heard of them. Still, good for you, everybody was glad you weren't too phased by them although maybe dear old Smile was a bit edgy. Dddy


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