Friday, December 29, 2006

Air conditioning is the bane of my existence

Just imagine for a moment that you've packed for a holiday on a tropical island, but it turns out your bus took a wrong turn somewhere and ends up in, say, Norway. What are you going to do? You improvise. Any pretension of an attempt at sartorial elegance goes out of the window, as you pull on your light cotton trousers under your skirt. Vest tops are layered with cotton cardis and beach tunics, and your stripy beach towel serves as a shawl. Finish the look with the pair of turquoise airline socks you chanced upon with delight, stashed in some forgotten pocket of your rucksack (think about adding the earplugs and eye mask from the same pack for good measure, but decide against). And with that, you're ready to face the Arctic winter that is Thai air conditioning.


At 12:51 pm, Blogger Mother said...

Wow! You must have looked stunning. I can't see towelling shawls catching on as a fashion trend tho'.


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