Saturday, February 21, 2009

Phang Nga to Trang

We boarded a bus to Trang, where we planned to catch a Satun-bound bus (Lonely Planet assures us of “frequent” departures) onward to Pak Bara, for the boat to Ko Lipe. When we arrived in Trang the conductor notified us and unloaded our luggage. He looked mystified when we tried to ask him where we might get the Satun bus, then put us back on the bus and told us to get out when we were a little further down the road. He pointed across the road where there was a cafe, and told us “taxi”. I said I don't want a taxi, I want a bus. “Yes, yes,” he said, smiling encouragingly, and with that hopped back on the bus and disappeared with it into the night.

Enquiries at the café established that the only bus to Satun would come through at half past midnight, and get to Pak Bara at about three in the morning. We decided to spend the night in Trang. With the help of the café staff we acquired a bargain 250B room for the night. It had a carparking space in front, so should we be seized by a sudden urge to go out in the middle of the night and buy a car, we would have somewhere to put it.


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